Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random thoughts

Human mind is weird machine
Unstable,unstoppable its way
Impressions keep vacillating
Some retained few fade away
Processing of thoughts here
Complex routes and yet stay
One moment its one and then
Intermittant in random way
Oh! So many thoughts in maze
Around varied subjets sway
Single, multiple; and many
All round and all the day
Nothing is more fascinating
Than random thoughts I say

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Emitting light of the low intensity
Lightens things lost in the darkness
Just as the positive attitude could
Brighten our lives with goodness
Weird are the ways of the World
No one learns lessons of darkness
We find with little effort and light
What we misplaced in the darkness
Envision the light of yours in you
Visualize within all its brightness
Darkness will show you the path
To reach out dazzling brightness
A ray of hope will bring sunshine
Enlightenment ensures goodness

Sunday, November 14, 2010


जो था उसे बिसराकर मैंने
क्या क्या कल्पना संजो दी
बसंती पवन के इंतज़ार में
मैंने शरद की बयार भुला दी
शिशिर के शीत में भी मगर
बसंत की मादकता दिखाई दी
बसंत आ तो गया था, मगर
बसंतीं पवन में खुशबू कहाँ थी
कल के इंतज़ार में बस मैंने
आज की थी अवहेलना कर दी
फिर भी इंतज़ार के लम्हों में
मैंने ज़िन्दगी ख़ुशी से बिता दी

Friday, November 12, 2010


The hustles and bustles begin
In this small lovely, quite city
Here come the tourists now
From almost all nationalities
The ‘Lake side’ the favorite
Paradise for all the tourists
No longer has town slept at six
Li’l girls doubling up to help
Parents in small restaurants
Smiles and cuteness retaining
The town has everything to offer
To each one’s different tastes
Locals too joining to witness fun
Of the autumn and winter days
In this ‘tourism friendly’ town


The winter chill around
Whispering in my ears
Said to me affectionately
You’ve known me for years
I am just reminding you
Now get on to winter gears
I am pleasant for everyone
Welcoming in winter wears
Be remain assured always
Won’t takeout sweat yours
Enjoy season and my glory
Wear favorite colors yours
I will keep cautioning you
With more intense whispers

Monday, November 1, 2010


I like the lights and the spirit of Diwali the festival of lights.

But in its name the rich people exhibit extavagant ad pompous behavior of spending lots of money in firecrackers and fireworks, causing polution and also having the 'demonstration effect' on the poor teens and kids spending the hard earned money of the family wastefully! The gambling in diwali is meancing in may parts of North India.

Now we have the added problem of the adulterated and harmful sweets in the market. Some people are so cruel that they indulge into such dangerous marketing tactics of making money!

I call upon all my friends to go back to the simple ways of celerating diwali with lights, prayers; and getting together.
Happy Diwali to all:)