Saturday, December 28, 2013


कल वक़्त अलग़ था
आज बात अलग़ है
कल लोग अलग़ थे
आज साथ अलग़ है
कल नाउम्मीदी सुबक रही थी
आज उम्मीद सुलग रही है
कल अंधकार था दावानल का
आज़ मधुमास की शीतलता है
कल उष्ण-शीत मौसम था
आज वसंत बहार छाई है
कल रुसवाइयाँ बहुत थीं
आज अच्छाइयों की लत है
कल सही बात ग़लत थी
आज ग़लत बात ग़लत है
कल वक़्त अलग़ था
आज बात अलग़ है


मेरी स्वप्निल आशाओं के
दीप जलाने आए हो तुम
कितनी स्वर्णिम भाषाओं के
गीत सुनाने आए हो तुम
जन-गण की अभिलाषाओं की
अलख जलाने आए हो तुम
दिग्भ्रमित जनों के दिशा ज्ञान के
निर्देशक बन आए हो तुम
भयहीन विचरते भ्रष्टों को अब
चेतावनी बन आए हो तुम
कितनों की अंतिम इच्छाओं के
बन के पूरक आए हो तुम
चीर सभी पग-बाधाओं को
नव-दीप जलाने आए हो तुम
नई रौशनी के द्योतक बन कर
उम्मीद जगाने आए हो तुम
यश भी हो मार्ग प्रशस्त रहे
जो कार्य सफल करने आए हो तुम
खुद भी हम सब से साथी से
आम को ख़ास बनाने आए हो तुम

इस नए साल में

इस नए साल में हर नई बात हो
ग़म न कोई रहे बस ख़ुशी साथ हो
आज के साथ कल की भी बात हो
मेरी-तेरी नहीं हम सभी की बात हो
भूल कर भी कोई भूल हमसे न हो
कोई मसला अगर आपसी बात हो
सब की शिरक़त का ऐसा आग़ाज़ हो
मुझसे पहले वतन ऐसे ज़ज्बात हों
है ये साझा ख़ुशी है ये साझा जहाँ
तेरी ख़ुशियों में मेरी ही सौगात हो
दुश्मनों की हो अब दुश्मनी से दुश्मनी
यूँ अमन चैन की ऐसी बरसात हो

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

कौरव कौन, कौन पांडव ~ अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी

कौरव कौन
कौन पांडव,
टेढ़ा सवाल है|
दोनों ओर शकुनि
का फैला
कूटजाल है|
धर्मराज ने छोड़ी नहीं
जुए की लत है|
हर पंचायत में
अपमानित है|
बिना कृष्ण के
महाभारत होना है,
कोई राजा बने,
रंक को तो रोना है|

Monday, December 23, 2013

Shades of Color

With the change in the time
Change those colorful views
Of all mornings and evenings
The whole scene of horizon
As if any painter has colored
So skillfully his painting this
A canvass of the sky around
Lends its length and breadth
To be painted with the brush
Of nature and light’s effects
Yet the patterns so random
Each day a different pattern
Often with blends of clouds
The varying shades of lights
Adding beauty for the eyes
Inviting humans to emulate
Intent to make others happy

Welcome! New Year

Welcome, yet another New Year
Awaited for three sixty five days
I know you are just a symbol only
For us to review and recapitulate
All our achievements and failures
And a reminder to start all afresh
Where we have had the slippages
The new benchmarks of successes
The revision of our ambitions too
With open mind and a fresh look
To look at our happiness quotient
For making self and others happier
Learning to live with imperfections
Undeterred with all those failures
Above all being the good citizens
In society being good Samaritans
Practitioners of the joy and peace
Contented yet striving for better
Leave behind our memory, legacy
For the cause of goodness for all

Friday, December 20, 2013

My tryst with Nepal

When I arrived in Nepal in August 2009, I had a lot of questions and perceptions in mind. Having known few things about Nepal from my childhood days, I was happy to witness these things myself and observe the system and practices in governance; as well as in the society and culture.

The landing at Kathmandu and taking a cab was a pleasant surprise as everything was so similar here including music and culture as in India. Everyone would think that I am Nepali only, for my looks, and some understanding of Nepali.

When I reached GON office for my assignment also, I noticed that I was recognised as Nepali until I disclosed my identity for work on introduction. Even having been recognised everyone was very warm and would ask me everything about India and Indian systems. After a while, I realised that almost all systems, acts, rules and procedures were similar as in India. This gave me a 360° view even in my initial days. I also noticed that people at times were critical of India (a big brother phenomenon) but soon they realised that I report and work for IMF and stayed away from any such controversies as any rational man should on Indo-Nepal issues. In no time people started appreciating that I focus mainly on Nepal and for their reforms agenda; and my objective was of helping develop new and reformed PFM systems.

Soon I realised that Nepal, who always claimed about low capacity, actually had no major capacity constraints and it was just a mindset that capacity was low. In real sense, it needed reorientation to the good practices and monitoring them to work the path of reforms and by making them ‘change agents’ themselves. The idea clicked and we soon witnessed that in spite of transition issues and capacity reasons, through the national system and capacity changes started happening.

Few things were important to achieve. These were: initiative of top leaders, leadership by MOF/FCGO, intent and support of staff to change to new systems, and political consensus on reforms. We saw them all happen and advancing.

As the things started happening ‘the cat was out of the bag’ and everyone started talking about success of TSA and cross-cutting reforms. Suddenly, the FCGO was in focus on reforms and managing them all by themselves. The new donors now agreed to extend the olive-branches and things took a new course. Now funding for reforms is no issue for any good project on PFM.

The role of MOF, FCGO and above all the districts staffs had been exemplary to carry out reforms. Ultimately, it is the staff at the ‘grass root levels’ have to implement reforms; and they all rose up to all challenges and withstood tests of time.

I encouraged FCGO and staffs to visit India and see their systems; and every year 50 or more officers visited. The Embassy of India were generous enough to bear all the expenses on this and the ‘bilateral cooperation’ continues now. Now the reforms coordination is with PEFA Secretariat located in FCGO, who will coordinate major reforms, activities and be a nodal point for all reforms initiative and their implementation. It sounds great to have such a mechanism in place.

We must extend due credit to the GON and their staff for their commitment and implementation of reform something that was never felt missing. Now that I am done with my assignment, I wish all GON staff and officers the best of governance and happy life ahead. I will cherish the memories of Nepal (my home away home) always in my heart. I am always just an email or phone call away for any help that I can extend for anyone.

उफ़ ये कोहरा!

उफ़! ये घना कोहरा
अहसास कराने लगा है
मेरे आस-पास के
लोगों और स्थानों के
अस्तित्व में समाये
अंदर के कुहासे का
धूप में उजले दीखते
वास्तविक रंगों में हैं
इनके मिज़ाज़ों से
ठीक मिलते-जुलते
अपारदर्शी या पारांध

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mutually Exclusive

I often wonder about
What’s more important
The foresight or hindsight
I get equivocal answers
Both have their weight
They might be the twains
But are very much related
Have a go-together way
With all the distances
They share a correlation
Of vision and correction
Anyway it’s true to me
They are not for sure
Ever mutually exclusive

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

फेरी भेटूला

जिन्दगी को बाटो कस्तो
उकालो छ उरालो छ
फेरी पनि हिँड्दा खेरि
यक्दमे रमाइलो छ
खुशी सँग दुख पनि
हरेक तिरा बाँधियो को छ
तर खुशी छ बढी मा यहाँ
दुख को पनि अलि पालो छ
नयाँ नयाँ मान्छे यहाँ
नयाँ कति ठाउँ छन्
आज हिजु भोलि थियो
पुरानो कति नौलो छ
तपाईं सँग भेट्दा खेरि
परार पनि पोर पनि
आजै जस्तो चितायो छ
यो माया को कुरा पनि
कस्तो मीठो रमाइलो छ
जानी बेला आइ पुग्यो
अब नयाँ घर जानो पर्यो
तपाईं को माया समेट्दा खेरि
सबै मीठो पायो छ
टाडा अब नजीक हुन्छ
फेरी भेटूला पटक पटक
जब पनि संयोंग हुन्छ
यहि चाहना आए को छ

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

चाँदनी में रंग

जब गुलों ने चमन से पूछा
चाँदनी में रंग कहाँ जाते हैं
चमन ने किया था ये इशारा
हसीनों को सँवारने जाते हैं
दिन भर तुम को देख-देख
लोग तुम्हारे से रँग जाते हैं
गुल माने चमन का बयान
अच्छा है हम मान जाते हैं
हम भी उन्हीं के साथ-साथ
अपनी क़िस्मत पा जाते हैं


Faith was healer
When people
Didn't delve deep
Remained reassured
With determinism
And divine ways
Times have changed
Everyone confused
Many people
Adding to confusions
To make a living
Out of someone else
Taking advantage of
People with
Agnostic feeling
Or living with
A melancholy

Monday, December 9, 2013

Trajectory of Life

We live our lives
As it travels
Through its own
Trajectory here
In several covers
And many colors
Life may well be
Dry like these
Paper flowers
But it still is
Very beautiful!

तुम्हारे साथ

तुम्हारे साथ मौसम रंग बदलने लगते हैं
ख़ुदबख़ुद कुछ एहसास गुनगुनाने लगते हैं

वक़्त की रफ़्तार जाने क्यों ठहरने लगती हैं
कोई भूली बिसरी सी ख़ुशी चहचहाने लगती हैं

कोई अंज़ाने से ख्याल मन गुदगुदाने लगते हैं
तन-मन में कोई संगीत का नशा छाने लगता है

दरबदर गुज़रती हवाओं में मदहोशी छा जाती है
सूखे मौसम में भीगी-भीगी झलक छाने लगती है

तुम हो तो गुलशन में खिंज़ा नहीं दिखाई देती हैं
पतझड़ में भी बहारों की सी महक आने लगती हैं

Friday, December 6, 2013

सिमट रही ज़िन्दगी

इतने क़रीब से देख जीने पर भी
कभी समझ में नहीं आती ज़िन्दगी
मानो कल की ही सी बातें हैं सब
लेकिन एक अरसा पुरानी ज़िन्दगी
जाने कब के गुज़रे पल आज भी
बड़े ताज़ा से लगने लगते हैं यहाँ
जगह, लोग, उनकी अपनी बातें
वक़्त के साथ कड़वी भी मीठी सी
एक ठहाके के साथ याद ये ज़िन्दगी
हर पल बिना कोई एहसास कराये
गुज़र जाता है यहाँ बड़ी ज़ल्दी ही
ज़िन्दगी का अपना है ये सिलसिला
रफ्ता रफ्ता सिमट रही है ज़िन्दगी

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fire and Ice / आग और बर्फ

आसमाँ में आग उगलते सूरज में ही नहीं
यहाँ बर्फ के सीने में भी दहकती आग है
ये भी सच है आग का अपना मिज़ाज़ है
पर सफ़ेद बर्फ का भी अपना ही अंदाज़ है
यहाँ जलन आग से भी होती है बर्फ से भी
मग़र सुकून देने का भी उनका आगाज़ है
जिसे जैसा समझ आता उसका खयाल है
अब और क्या कहें बस बयाँ-ए-इजाज़ है
Not just the Sun yields fire in sky
The pectus of ice too has fire flame
It's also true that fire has its way
But ice too has it's very own nature
Burns are caused by both fire and ice
Both have own ways to comfort us
As anyone understands is his view
What else do I say than miraculous

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Politics of Sharing Power

One of the best things I know about the democracy is the 'in spite of all its problems and criticisms, it still is the best system of State'. Historically, we all have seen that even the benevolent monarchs and rulers were none less that functioning as the dictatorial regimes. The communist systems never saw the communism which was envisioned with the 'withering of the State'; it actually turned out to be a 'dictatorship of the new privileged class' resulting in the fact that the 'dictatorship of proletariat'withered away!

Democracy without clear majority has proved disastrous in all countries, that ruined the whatever ethics in politics was left; and exacerbated the vested interest groups to flourish and spoil the whole environment of governance; by blackmailing the bigger political parties. The have been happy doing this all through and are in the position of ' eat the cake and have it too'. In times of lack of majority, it is believed that they have their consideration to negotiate the positions in power to share; and also the ulterior ways of being a 'salable commodity'. This vitiates the whole atmosphere of the governance, the civil service; and the democracy at work!

Whoever is the main ruling party the smaller groups and individuals eye their 'pie in the cake'; and also have their names intact on the 'icing of the cake'. In the name of national consensus parties may play dubious role and do the internal damages to further their own party interests.

Unfortunately the people still don't understand these dubious designs that eat up the public systems like the termites and are more damaging than the dictatorial regimes. With the low levels of transparency, accountability and lack of quicker justice system, they thrive in their ways, without actually punished.

The remedy lies in voting a majority government; and increased transparency, accountability, ombudsman; and simple and quick justice system!I know it may be far from reality to achieve; but it is the only hope when people understand their role, duties and responsibility to save their countries from chaos and anarchy that may result in!

Else, the politics of sharing power will continue to thrive and the systems and practices that make democracy the best system will perish!

अर्वाचीन शिष्य

शिष्य आपका ज़रूर हूँ
किन्तु मेरी भी साधना है
आपकी इज्ज़त करता हूँ
आपकी बात भी मानूँगा
लेकिन एकलव्य नहीं हूँ
कर्त्तव्यपालन मैं करूँगा
लेकिन अंध-भक्त नहीं हूँ
आपकी भी विवशता होगी
इसमें मैं क्या कर सकता हूँ
आपका आदेश शिरोधार्य है
आपकी मदद कर सकता हूँ
लेकिन मेरा ये अँगूठा
काट कर नहीं दे सकता हूँ
मैं महाभारत काल का नहीं
एक अर्वाचीन शिष्य हूँ

Hand to Mouth

The Sun is about to set
And a long path is ahead
What can I do dear ones
Will brave the dark ways
Come home to make living
This scene is beautiful
But have no time to see
Have chosen to come fast
Before I meet worst fate
Of getting stranded here
Someone too my pictures
May think my great time
But ignoring my struggle
And this daily journey
Of my life as a routine
My hand to mouth fate!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mother and Child

I always remember my days
My fond cherished memories
When you came in my life
My angel and sole purpose
All your ways so dear to me
Whether awaken or sleeping
Never tired listing chatter
Smiled at your tantrums too
As if I was reliving self
My own childhood with you
All anger, scoldings had
Ending in caress, cuddles
All forgotten with smiles
I always had time for you
To be your first teacher
I was always by your side
Reassuring some is with you
Happy with the achievements
And work keeping you so busy
Without any expectations
Without making complaints
Happy to be your Mother
An inseparable bond we have!

Way Beyond

I could see your affection
And trying to feel the love
Your movements and the eyes
Spoke what you couldn't say
Love beyond all boundaries
A lesson I learn from you
Love has its own language
Also message sending ways
The signals do get through
Without any of limitations
And the way beyond humans
Universal, eternal and true
Everyone can love you here
Provided you catch signals
Soul to soul and beyond it
One on one and way beyond


Freezing weather, biting cold
No help from anyone whatsoever
And you had always thought
It's tough out there to live
But look at me and my smile
It's just a matter of resolve
And getting used to situations
Now don't tell me next time
That you can't bear situations
And the adverse circumstances
May your resolve help overcome
All your fears and weaknesses


I'm not as stupid a being
As one would have thought
I knew there is no nectar
I just came for the color
Many people think around
Selfish one sticks around
I came for the admiration
Also to be by your side
For my feeling of bonding
Between us all these days
To whisper in your ears
That you are beautiful one
And I do like your company

Walk of Life

Enjoy the walk of your life
There might be Sun or rain
An umbrella can take care
Of these minor situations
Having come out for the walk
Experience those rainbows
Their unique arch of colors
Touching the heart and mind
The damp roads have no dust
Help enjoy walks way better
The life has its surroundings
Catering happy moments for
Those who walk these paths
brave it overcome inhibitions
Without making pretensions

Varied Rhythms

Life is like the deep waters
The ocean of the experiences
The ship of life taking places
Through oceans of many colors
Places of varying temperatures
Sometimes in the rough weathers
Many times through the icebergs
Of different size and shapes
Each time like the new tales
If there are frozen surrounds
Stagnant become those ships
Awaiting the better weathers
To proceed towards destinations
In those days of testing times
In the hope of the better times
Life sings songs of varied rhythms!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The crow

And you may have thought
The crow can't be sitting
Higher than you all
until it chose to fly!
Open your own inner eyes
There is nothing great
About you and your skills
Anyone can outsmart you
Sit quite and realize
You are one among billions
People, animals, birds
Insects and likewise
Each with competitive skills
May be better than you
Some, if not all of them
Try to remain humble
About self and the others
Even if you can do better!

Irrespective of

The sunset is around there
The onset of darkness too
Between the two phenomenons
The journey of life is fixed
Light to darkness sure true
Yet darkness is temporary
A phase for the new lights
Between the day and night
What comes first immaterial
This cycle gets continued
Both looking at each-other
As if reminding each-other
Of their common path of goal
The two wheels of the cart
Sound in action alternatively
But only with limited vision
They walk in tandem actually
Irrespective of the location!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

पंचवर्षीय अवसर

जो लोग खाते थे 'आम' पर
नहीं जानते थे आम आदमी
ज़रूरत अपनी थी तो आम
जब पूरी हुई तो बस खास
उम्र भर उन्हीं के नाम पर
बेचकर ईमान भी खाते रहे
हर मुसीबत पर उनकी जो
मीडिया में बहस करते रहे
उन्हीं के नाम पर सब दावे
पर उन्हीं के लिए न थे आम
ख़ुद के विवेक को समझाते
'आम खाओ मत गिनो पेड़'
अब आया पंचवर्षीय अवसर
चुनाव की खबर ही आम है
अचानक याद आ गया है अब
उन सभी को आम आदमी

तन्हाइयों के सहारे तन्हाइयाँ

कभी-कभी अब भी यहाँ
अच्छी लगती हैं
लेकिन कुछ डराती सी हैं
अब ये तन्हाइयाँ
तनहा माहौल जब
ख़ौफ़ज़दा लगता है
ख़ुद से बातें करता हूँ
अक्सर दिलासा देता मन
फिर भी कभी-कभी
नहीं साथ निभाता
मुझे कहीं दूर ले जाता
कुछ अपने कुछ अनजान
अतीत व वर्त्तमान के
सायों के आस-पास
एक गहन सन्नाटा
मौन के आगोश में
और डराने लगता है
ऐसे हालात में बस
तन्हाइयों के सहारे ही
रह जाती हैं तन्हाइयाँ