Saturday, April 30, 2011


मैंने भी भाग्य जानना चाहा था
लोग कहते थे हथेली में बसती हैं
भाग्य निर्धरित करती हैं लकीरें
लाख ढूँढने पर मैंने देखा था
हाथों में ये चन्द धूमिल लकीरें
एक दुष्कर रेखाओं का जाल
कुछ भी कह पाने मैं असमर्थ
चलो अच्छा हुआ एक प्रकार से
मुझे एहसास तो हो ये गया था
भाग्य रेखाओं से निर्धारण नहीं
मेरे कर्म व कौशल से ही होगा
रेखाएं आज भी धूमिल ही हैं
अस्पष्ट भी और कोई आकार नहीं
कर्म-कौशल मेरा भाग्य बनाता है

Friday, April 29, 2011

Enlightened Communites

The growing tendency of preferring the 'self' to the 'society' or 'country'has increasingly created the distortions of growth and harmony in the societies across the World. Seeking self, is the manifestion of promoting the self-interest ahead of anything else and by following any means.

The ethics and moral values are now kept behind the agenda of the people in the competitive scenario. The aberrations like corruption, graft, unfair business and personal practices are the bye-product of this self seeking. When each one will want to be a billioniare, as quickly as possible, each one will adopt the means and methods of outsmarting others in the game. The will be so engrossed in the 'game' that noation of the society shall shift to the backburner.

This gives rise to the distortions and stress all around in the life and living. It is good to be ambitious and competitive; but not at the cost of the means. In today's society, there are many more opportunities for the entrepreneurs, with reasonable returns. Taking 'short cuts' may be more rewarding and time saving in the near-term but in the longer term, it vitiates the ovweall systems and relationships as well. A healthy competition is always good for the sustainable progress.

Unfortunately, looking at the others prosper faster, develops the spirit and intents of faster riches among the others and the vitious circle starts taking the centre-stage.The community support of avoidance on the 'right' paths following is also fading away. An enlightened community will always respect the ethical (yet poorer) members of the society, as compared to the unethical (may be richer)members and sections of the community.

The enighetenment of the community power is the demand of the day. The responsible members of the community have this onerous duty to preserve and promote the balance in the community; before it may be too late to act. They must propel the dignified way of acting and living in the systems and professions. The mantra is to 'shun' the errants and 'shield' and side the right thinking and followers of the rightous path.Amen!


Your arrival was unexpected
And yet it was very welcome
Like the super cool weather
In the normally warm summer
Lots of untimely steady rains
The breeze following the rains
The settling down of the dust
With the pouring of raindrops
Bringing the joy of life around
Making surrounding pleasant
We enjoy expected joy; yet
Cherish unexpected the more

Thursday, April 28, 2011


समंदर के किनारे हवा का झोंका
जब मेरे बालों को छू जाता है
नदी की कल-कल की आवाज़
जब मुझे कर्णप्रिय लगती है
प्रातः पहले पंछी के स्वर की
मिठास जब कानों में गूंजती है
बादलों के बनते बिगड़ते स्वरुप
उनके नए रंग लुभाने लगते हैं
कलियों से झांकते फूलों के वो
मनभावन रंग जब प्रिय लगते हैं
मुझे तुम्हारे प्यार का तब तब
एक मीठा एहसास होने लगता है

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


उनके आने से मानो जग गई हैं
हमारी सब उम्मीदें फिर एक बार
जीने का मकसद बाक़ी है अभी
फिर से इधर मन कहता है मेरा
साथ ही, फिर से जाग उठी हैं
वो तमाम अधूरी हसरतें मेरी
जिन्हें पूरा करते रहने की खातिर
करता ही रहा कोशिश मन मेरा
अब न हो पूरी हसरतें तो क्या
मुझे तसल्ली तो मिल ही जाएगी
उनके साथ ज़िन्दगी आबाद होगी
और उम्र शायद यूँ गुज़र जाएगी

Thursday, April 7, 2011

अन्ना आये

सब भ्रष्टाचार मिटाने आये
बार बार थे नए नारे लाये
कोशिश की थी बहुत मगर
पर भ्रष्टाचार मिटा न पाए
मिटा नहीं जो अब मिट जाए
अन्ना आये अन्ना आये
अब की बार हरा न पाए
मम्मी पापा दोनों आये
हम भी हैं अन्ना के साथी
मुन्नी गाये मुन्ना गाये
कसर न कोई अब रह जाये
सब मिल देखो काम संजोये
अन्ना आये अन्ना आये

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sports are not wars!

The one day cricket and any format of cricket (several other competitive sports are no exceptions too)is no longer a 'civil' game and is not left to the 'gentle'ways and utterances. The recent ICC World Cup was no exception. In the name of emotions, frenzy and mass-hype is created by the palyers, teams and media. The masses are brain-managed and their maximum involvement and 'madness'is targetted. The commercial (in all respects)interests and gamesmanship prevails over the sportsmanship and sporting spirit. Everything is packaged in emotive packets and 'sold' for maximum benefits to the stakeholders.

The professionalaization of cricket is welcome but the commercialization that prevails by playing with the sentiments and emotions of the fans is deplorable. Sports are not wars!You win some you lose some; but if you play with grace; accept victory with humility or accept defeat with grace you come clear as a winner always!Games are played and watched to entertain people; certainly not to talk,promote or develop enmity:) Amen!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Unplanned Towns

Increasing mushrooming of
Unplanned towns around
And their growing numbers
Making the lives far difficult
Amenities of burial grounds
Far better than the dwellings
Sanitation of cremation place
Way better than living areas
Even the spirits of the dead
Laughing at inhabitants plight
People criticize negligence
Of others and municipalities
Seldom taking lead to ensure
Everyone taking responsibilities